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Kim leaves, but Kim returns to fifth grade

Authors 5e RingSylvie Lucier and Pierre Poirier have been preparing us for the departure of Kim (Catherine Brunet) for a few episodes already.

Hugo DumasHugo Dumas

You can smell small farms and animal technicians next to their rubber boots. After years of silence, Kim finally reveals the identity of the father of her little girl, Camille (Margaret Lawrence). This is former soldier Réginald (Maxime de Cotret), the current sweetheart of his older sister Julie (Marie-Ève ​​Milot).

This announcement clearly created a rift between the two Birubi sisters, whose children will share the same father / uncle. And after 14e A final break with Jean-Michel (Frederick Miller-Zoofi), Kim warns her mother, Marie Luce (Maude Guérin), that she will return to school in Victoriaville and that she will entrust her daughter to him while she is away from Valmont.

PHOTO BERTRAND CALMEAU, submitted by Radio Canada

Catherine Brunet leaves the series 5e Ring Two and a half years later, however, her character (Kim) will make a comeback in the fall under the guise of actress Julie Reno.

When we got there, we thought Kim was going to disappear credits 5e Ring And that his somber persona would be nothing but a vague memory, like Bob the Aries or the regional table in Green Square.

Both are true and false. First off, yes, Catherine Brunet is already leaving 5e RingShe is busy with a big movie project but her character Kim will make a comeback in the fall under the guise of actress Julie Reno who has been seen in the movies. Herbs And the the little queen.

Little TV presenter, Julie Reno started filming Radio Canada’s TV drama Agropolicier, which is set in Saint-Rémi and Saint-Chrysostome, in Montérégie. “We couldn’t convince Kim to leave. He’s one of the main characters in the series. Everyone wanted to keep Kathryn Brunet, but that was no longer on the schedule. Mary Luce had already lost her husband, and besides, she couldn’t lose her daughter,” the producer explains 5e RingJoanne Vurgese of the Casablanca Company.

Photo by Paul Patrick Charbonneau, provided by the artist

Julie Reno will play the character Kim.

To replace Catherine Brunet, the production was looking for an actress “who has the same energy as Kim and who physically resembles Mary Yves Melott and Mod Guerin,” as Joan Forge identifies.

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So Catherine Brunet will have spent two and a half years playing the role of single mom Kim Perubi 5e Ring. The decision to relinquish this role was not taken lightly. “It stressed me a lot. The production always took me a lot. We tried to find solutions, but it no longer worked. I was afraid of hurting people by leaving. I don’t want to look a coward,” says Kathryn Brunet in a phone interview.

In addition to the second and final season of Forever, not a day From Bell Media (Crave, Novo), Catherine Brunet will start shooting a joint film between Quebec and Belgium in the summer, in which she plays a major role. It is impossible to know more about this feature film.

Ratings 5e Ring It has continued to rise since it aired in January 2019. Between January and March 2021, the series attracted an average of 1,194,000 fans, with an estimated market share of 35%. Which means that one in three people watches TV on Tuesdays at 9 pm 5e Ring. It is much greater than Fou de Food’s turnover.

Brilliant Kate Winslet!

After his great performance in the series Mildred Pierce From HBO, 10 years ago, Kate Winslet returned to American TV with the most talent and smack.

The British actress is starring in a new seven-episode police series, Mare East Town, Which kicks off on Sundays at 10pm in Crave. Super Ecran will be showing the French version on Thursdays at 8pm starting April 22nd.

I saw five episodes of seven episodes of Mare East Town It is heavy. by all mean of the word. It is a heavy, slow and mysterious streak in tradition Sharp objectsBy Jean Marc Valli. be cerfull. It will not lift you out of a slump if you are depressed. exactly the contrary. This does not detract from the many qualities of the show that devoured it.

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Mary is the name of Kate Winslet’s character, satirical Detective Sgt Mary Sheehan, who works in a gray Pennsylvania town where everyone knows their neighbor. Divorced and living in a room with her sarcastic mother, Helen (Jean Smart), Mary investigates the murder of a young mother, as her personal life collapses. In short: the Persians in tears.

Yes, there is a puzzle to be solved but a lure Mare East Town It lay in the slowly settling tension and stifling atmosphere that hung in middle-class society.

The investigation goes ahead and reopens old wounds. Suspicion lies with an uncle, ex-boyfriend, or former high school basketball teammate.

Kate Winslet is exceptional in the role as she wears shapeless clothes, does not wash her hair often, and speaks a Philadelphia accent. If you have rode The real detective (or the black monster Plus Series), you run the risk of getting bogged down Mare East TownEven if that means getting a blues, just a little bit.