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The third wave looks like a tsunami in Ottawa

The third wave looks like a tsunami in Ottawa

The pandemic looks more like a “tsunami” than a wave now in Ottawa, according to regional health authorities, who are grappling with an unprecedented situation.

The number of new daily cases identified in Ottawa remains among the highest in Quebec with an additional 290 and 245 cases, respectively, on Monday and Tuesday. Even if the delay in obtaining screening test results partly explains these numbers, the impact on the regional health network is significant.

“The third wave is like a tsunami, because we are in an endless cycle internally. This crisis requires adjustments from hour to hour, not minute to minute,” admitted Vice President and Executive Director of the Ottawa Center for Integrated Health and Social Services (CISSSO), France Dumont.

Mme Dumont n’a pas voulu spéculer à savoir si ces retards avaient pu fausser les statistiques et influencer à tort les décisions de la santé publique pour l’Outaouais, mais elle au qu’ils representaient le «talon d’Achille» de la Area. Overdues are a thing of the past since late Monday, however, 80% of results are now available within 24 hours.

COVID-19-related hospitalization is also a major concern for regional health authorities, with 57 people occupying beds in the specialized unit at Hull Hospital on Tuesday, including 21 in critical care, including seven in intensive care.

Acceptance rate continues to increase and stays are relatively long. It should be very difficult and we are trying to find additional resources, ”Ms. Dumont emphasized that the storm could last for a few more weeks.

Until then, residents are again calling for the maintenance of individual and group “iron discipline”, while continuing to participate in vaccination efforts. Tuesday morning, 45% of the time they were still available to get a vaccine.

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Remember, Quebec issued a decree with special emergency health measures on April 1 for the City of Gatineau and the Collins de Lothais Council. As the situation in the region continues to deteriorate, the Legault government decided on Tuesday to extend these measures to the entire Oasis and extend them until April 25.