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‘Those Who Remain’: Paul Giamatti turns into an unpopular professor

‘Those Who Remain’: Paul Giamatti turns into an unpopular professor

in Those who stay Written by Alexander Payne (Grandsons), Paul Giamatti turns into an unlikable teacher responsible for supervising students who cannot return to their families over the Christmas break.

After twenty years of cooperation Misguided, Alexander Payne reunites with Paul Giamatti and casts him as Paul Hunham, an ancient history professor at a New England boarding school. It is the eve of Christmas break in 1970 and only a few students are spending the holiday with their families. As for the unlucky ones who remained, to their great regret, they were entrusted to this particularly strict teacher.

But one thing leads to another, and Angus Tully (newcomer Dominic) will be left alone with Hunham and Mary Lamb (Daphne Joy Randolph), the school cook, whose son died in Vietnam. A friendly relationship will then develop between the three heroes.

Dominic Cessa plays Angus Tully, D’Avin Joy Randolph plays Mary Lamb, and Paul Giamatti stars as Paul Hunham in Those Who Remain, in theaters starting November 10, 2023.

Photo credit: Seacia Pavao / © 2023 FOCUS FEATURES LLC

Besides directing, what is Alexander Payne’s favorite part about his job? “Searching for filming and editing locations,” he told reporters in a press conference attended by QMI last week. “It’s not just about finding locations that are appropriate for the time period in which the film is set or locations where the characters will be, it allows me to get to know the communities I’m filming in. We visit about 20 locations before finding the one we’ll see on screen.”

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“Meeting venue owners, building relationships, getting involved in the community…all of this has an impact and is reflected in the rhythm of my film. It was especially important here because I knew nothing about Massachusetts. It was the same for Grandsons When we filmed in Hawaii. Finding shooting locations is, for me, a very rewarding part of the process. » In fact, five schools have been selected, each of which is part of the parts of the boarding school you are watching Those who stay.

Director Alexander Payne and actor Dan Eade on the set of “Those Who Remain” in theaters from November 10, 2023.

Photo credit: Seacia Pavao / © 2023 FOCUS FEATURES LLC

Another advantage that Massachusetts has, apart from tax breaks, is the fact that “time passes more slowly there,” Alexander Payne asserts. “Many of the filming locations remain unchanged, such as the bowling alley or the café where Lydia Crane works [une employée de l’école qui a des emplois supplémentaires pendant les vacances, incarnée par Carrie Preston, vue dans la série Une femme exemplaire et son dérivé Une lutte exemplaire, NDLR]Which has remained the same since the 1940s.

Dominique Sessa, an unknown person, was found by chance among 800 young actors, known or not.

“Of all the auditions that were sent out via video, I watched about 70 of them, and I couldn’t find the actor I wanted. Eventually we were calling the schools where we would be filming and I asked the drama teachers if they had any students who would like to audition.”

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“In one of them, I took two actors. The first one only has one or two lines, but the second one, Dominique Sessa, has never acted before in his life, neither in cinema nor on television!”

Dominic Cessa and Paul Giamatti in “Those Who Remain” directed by Alexander Payne, in theaters from November 10, 2023.

Photo credit: Seacia Pavao / © 2023 FOCUS FEATURES LLC

Disappointed at not being able to “share this press conference with the actors” due to the strike, Alexander Payne insisted on reuniting with Paul Giamatti, after two decades. Misguided.

“He’s a product of the world I’m portraying in the film. Paul told me he could play this character because he met him as a young man at Yale and I totally let him do it. Paul Giamatti is like Meryl Streep or Laurence Olivier. We’re casting him for this role because we’re curious to see what he’ll do with it.” “We know it will be great.”

Those who stay It will be released in theaters across Quebec on November 10.