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DRAW MEETING: “I won’t give up,” says Rita Biga.

DRAW MEETING: “I won’t give up,” says Rita Biga.

An event highlighting drag culture is being held at Montreal’s Palais des Congrès this weekend, which will help demystify prejudice.

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With growing intolerance towards transgender people and numerous demonstrations against the teaching of gender theory, the event takes on its full meaning this year, according to Rita Bagga.

“It’s okay to protest. I find it even more disturbing and frightening when there is a rollback in the rights of gender and sexual diverse communities, because our presence is no barrier to yours.

She calls on her critics not to focus on the fate of drag queens: “I will not give up.”

Organizers are pleased that the exhibition was not the scene of demonstrations outside the fenced area.

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A spokesperson for the “Rendez-vous de la Drag” admits that he had many concerns before the event opened.

“This is certainly disrespectful to the protesters […] The drag scene is very present. It is one of the most vibrant places in America. Montreal’s drag scene is recognized. We want to show the public that the art of drag is available to everyone,” emphasizes Yannick Brouillette.

The award ceremony and the “Rendez-vous de la Drag” ceremony will conclude on Sunday evening.

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