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“Slobber,” the haircut everyone’s adopting this spring

In spring, it’s not just landscapes that are looking for a change, us too. The new spring 2023 hair trend confirms this: We’re ready for the winds of change!

It’s hard to believe, but in a few weeks the heat will kick in, so much so that we’re persuaded to wear lighter fabrics. Lightness is exactly what slobthe new trendy haircut at the moment.

the slob It is a short cut that has the advantage of completely liberating the neck and thus highlighting the facial features. Unlike other cuts, there is no asymmetry, which makes hair styling easier. The hair is the same length, front and back.

although slob Falling somewhere between a bob cut and a square cut, he wants to be a little more laid-back and less work-oriented than his collaborators. What we want from this haircut is to provide a casual and slightly tousled look.

It is not surprising that this trend came to us at the same time as spring! This haircut is (almost) maintenance-free. Just blow dry the hair gently and then apply a styling cream. The natural wave of hair is essential.

For a more distinctive and classic look, it is possible to style this haircut differently. Simply apply heat protectant all over hair and flat iron.

Password: Lightness!

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