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Les mots de passe « complexes » choisis par les utilisateurs seraient trop prévisibles. La NCSC conseille plutôt une série de trois mots. © Mangpor2004, Fotolia

This will be the solution for effective passwords

The UK’s National Cyber ​​Security Agency has published a post advising the adoption of three-word passwords. These keys will be more secure and easier to remember than passwords that users choose to counteract the complexity imposed by sites.

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« Your password must contain at least one special character. » Order sites that ask you to create password Including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols is believed to improve account security. to me National Cyber ​​Security Center (NCSC) in the UK, the effect would be quite the opposite.

The agency advises instead choosing a string of three random words, which makes passwords much longer and more difficult to predict, while also being easier to remember. The problem with complex passwords imposed by sites is that it is impossible to remember a different string of random characters for each account. Most people use Similar strategies, such as taking a common word and replacing the letter “O” with a zero, and the “i” with an exclamation point.

NCSC recommends using a password manager

These are all strategies that hackers include in the algorithms they use to try to guess passwords starting with Most popular groups. The three-word technique is not foolproof and is not as secure as passwords made up of a random sequence of characters generated with Electrical generator. However, the agency recommends a variety of techniques, which makes the task of hackers more complicated because they have to use a different algorithm for each type of password.

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In the end, the best solution remains Password managers. these software, which is still relatively adopted, makes it possible to generate completely random keys and store them in a secure manner without having to memorize them.

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