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This mother-daughter duo is preparing to leave apartment life for 'vanlife'

This mother-daughter duo is preparing to leave apartment life for 'vanlife'

Marie-Claude Lapierre and her daughter Aurélie are preparing to leave their apartment in Les Coutos, in Montérégie, to live a better life. com. vanlife Within six months. A new adventure that brings freedom and savings.

What could motivate a mother and daughter to leave their comfortable home to live in a converted car all summer? “It's really freedom, independence, and then financial freedom as well,” explains Marie-Claude.

After selling her house during the pandemic, the 42-year-old decided to buy a truck last May with the money she earned to convert it and live there with her 15-year-old daughter, who jumped into the project with both of them. foot.

QMI Photo Agency, Maude Larraine Kiran

His goal: to enjoy the summer and feel free while traveling the roads of Quebec.

A project implemented thanks to… YouTube

From flooring to insulation, including furniture, Marie-Claude transformed her van herself within a year, using YouTube as a guide.

“I started listening to 10,000 videos about conversion [de véhicule]. “It's a lot of work, but I'm really proud,” says Marie-Claude, who has invested $85,000 in her project.

QMI Photo Agency, Maude Larraine Kiran

Now that their mobile home is almost ready for adventure, the duo is dreaming of their summer lifestyle.

“We'll be able to park our cars near the beach, open the doors, and really see the sand and the sea,” O'Reilly says, thinking about the trip. “It'll be fun to have dinner on the edge of the beach.” Take planning on Ile de la Madeleine.

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$8,000 less in expenses

Without a loan in her name, Marie-Claude says she feels more financially free, especially since she plans to continue saving during the six months she has been on the run.

“I calculated that I would save $7,000 to $8,000 in living expenses and rent. Now we will be able to put money aside without depriving ourselves,” she says.

QMI Photo Agency, Maude Larraine Kiran

For sleep, they will prioritize the free places found in apps for sleepwalkers. com. vanlife. They also plan to visit family members and friends who agree to lend them a piece of their land in order to reduce costs.

Many activities in the program

Since Marie-Claude will keep her jobs as an actress and a bartender during the week, her salary and the savings she makes by cutting her expenses will help her enjoy the summer. She plans to give herself long weekends during which she will go on adventures with her daughter, as she pleases.

“We have three weeks in the Magdalen Islands, we have festivals all summer. We leave but keep our job because we still work a little bit. But we go for a walk,” she said.

QMI Photo Agency, Maude Larraine Kiran

When they return from their trip, Marie-Claude realizes that the rent she will find in October may be more expensive than the rent for the apartment she just left. However, she hopes to live with it Snowbirds Whose property is vacant for the cold season.

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“My crazy idea too is to run into her Snowbirds “Those who are leaving for the winter and who will be very happy to have someone living in their house to water the plants,” says Marie-Claude.

This way, she can easily repeat the experience year after year.

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