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MC Gilles recounts a huge upset on air with Patrick Lagasse

MC Gilles recounts a huge upset on air with Patrick Lagasse

Columnist MC Gilles, who has replaced the eclipse as Quebecers' favorite discussion topic since we learned he was fired from 98.5 on Wednesday, was on the podcast In my week in cocktail mode last week.

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His interview with comedian Lea Strelski was, of course, recorded and broadcast before he himself learned of his dismissal. However, Dave Eric Ouellet discusses his work as a radio columnist and tells a few anecdotes, including a major upset that happened with Patrick Lagasse just hours before the podcast was recorded.

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The MC admits, to those close to him, that he knew well before anyone else that Philippe Cantin would host him Quebec now He replaces Lagasse, who will succeed Paul Arcand in the morning (even we've known that for a long time).

“The presidents met with us to tell us, and they told us that you do not have the right to talk about it yet, it will be announced [bientôt]“But I, the memory of a goldfish… […] I'm sitting across from Patrick after the break, and… [en ondes] “You know, Philip…” I say.

And there is silence, and it is clear that I am trying to get out of the hole, like Guillaume Lemay-Thivierge, and drown. And then I say, “Excuse me, Patrick, I made a funny slip of the tongue, and suddenly I saw the future and got a gift?”

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And there, it's worse. There, I'm drowning, I'm not really okay… [rires]It's like a nuclear disaster…

Patrick is white as a sheet. For us, it doesn't really have an impact, it's the radio… We all have big egos. […] After that, everyone came up to me and argued with me, telling me that I had a big mouth. But that's what I am, I have no filter. I know him.”

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Clearly, this isn't the first time MC Gilles has claimed he has no nominee. Reacting to his dismissal on Wednesday, he said: “You know me, I'm a transparent guy who always tells things like they are.”

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