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Halftime Show: Despite Donald Trump’s criticism, only a hundred complaints against Rihanna

Despite Donald Trump’s harsh criticism of singer Rihanna’s performance at the recent Super Bowl, only 103 complaints were received, according to “The Independent”.

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“Rihanna gave the worst Super Bowl performance in her history. This is after insulting more than half of our nation that is already on the decline with his vulgar and insulting language,” he wrote on the “social” platform.

France Press agency

However, less than one person per million views decided to file a complaint against the singer.

The break show was seen by more than 113 million people on February 12.

The number of complaints, 103, is negligible, given that singers Jennifer Lopez and Shakira received 1,312 3 years ago.

France Press agency

Moreover, Janet Jackson’s performance in 2004, when a break in her costume exposed her breasts, prompted more than 540,000 complaints.

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