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This camera takes 156.3 trillion pictures per second!

This camera takes 156.3 trillion pictures per second!

Researchers in Canada have developed a camera capable of capturing 156.3 trillion images per second! This technology is supposed to facilitate the observation of ultrafast phenomena, such as the mechanics of shock waves in living cells or in matter.

Researchers are constantly trying to monitor events on an extremely small scale, both in size and time. As for time, it is necessary to create cameras capable of recording images in it SpeedsSpeeds It is almost impossible to imagine. At the end of 2018, the California Institute of Technology introduced a camera capable of recording 10,000 billion images per second.

National Institute for Scientific Research The Canadian company INRS has just announced that it has created a camera that is 15 times faster, capable of capturing 156.3 trillion images per second. They called their device SCARF, which is the name given to coded aperture real-time femtography.

Patented technology soon to be commercialized

This feat is extremely impressive as the researchers used existing components, including a CCD sensor, significantly reducing its cost. The researchers summarize the process as follows: Ultra-fast optical scanning of a fixed encoded aperture while recording an ultra-fast phenomenon This technique was detailed in an article published in the journal Nature Communications.

Such a camera would allow scientists in many fields to study phenomena that are too brief for standard cameras. SCARF was able to captureAbsorptionAbsorption Transient in a SemiconductorsSemiconductors In addition to the ultra-fast demagnetization of A AlloyAlloy metallic. Researchers are already working with Axis Photonique and Few-Cycle to produce marketable versions of this already patented technology.

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