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There is a clinic in the Loire region that helps obese women have children

There is a clinic in the Loire region that helps obese women have children

Until three years ago, Celine didn't think she would get pregnant. Then she weighed 120 kilos Health workers told him that Infertility problem It came from his weight. “It is one of the side effects of obesity“, confirms Dr. Pierre Blanc.”Due to chronic inflammation associated with fat cells and possibly polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) which prevents ovulation.

Stomach surgery: the solution

After submitting to Bariatric surgery, which reduces the size of the stomach. At Dr. Pierre Blanc's clinic in Saint-Etienne, Céline finally became pregnant: it would be triplets. You might think the story ends there, but in fact it's just beginning.

Obesity is a lifelong disease“, explains Dr. Pierre Blanc,If you are not careful, you can quickly gain weight again. That is why we choose to support patients before, during and after the operation. Of course, for pregnancy too.

Personal support

Thus, Celine, like other women who underwent the operation, found herself accompanied by… Mutual Obesity Clinic in Saint-Etienne.

With nutritional advice, but also with listening and support, because “What is ultimately very complex is Weight regain during pregnancy, and realize that the body is changing in the opposite direction. Even though we know that we will eventually lose that weight again, it is psychologically difficult.“Celine remembers.

However, it is very important to maintain the good habits you started before pregnancy, as doctor Pierre Blanc emphasizes, because: “If the mother loses weight and follows good eating habits, the baby will be less likely to become obese as well.

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