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Municipal Council of Saint-Herve: agreement in principle for a youth space for childhood – Saint-Herve

The members of the Municipal Council of the City of Saint-Herve met on Wednesday, May 10, and presented an agreement in principle to the Municipality of Ozil to continue the study of the project for the development of a space for children and youth at SIVU. It is located in the old post office building, Place du Champ de Foire. The project concerns the municipalities of Uzil, Saint-Herve and Alenouk. At the same time, the council decided to provide a suggestion box to find a name for the multi-purpose hall which is currently being renovated. It will be placed in the Town Hall Hall from June.

Flowers vouchers

As every year, the municipality offers its residents a 20 euro voucher for the purchase of plants and the municipality’s flowers. Vouchers can be used at the following garden centers: Pépinières de Lorge in Ploeuc-L’Hermitage, Point vert in Saint-Hervé and Yves Michel, the gardener in Loudéac. Vouchers will be received at the Town Hall before June 30th.

Saint-Herve Festivals

The festivities will take place on Sunday, June 25th. In the program of this day, the municipality will offer a wine of honor after the Mass of Saint-Hervé’s Forgiveness. Afterwards, residents will be invited to take part in a picnic at Bignons Pond before some entertainment.


A fence is planned to be built around the Berlouze water harvesting station. Estimates have been kept at €35,115.80 excluding taxes for the Argoat Terrassement. The drawing competition for the townspeople will be renewed next September, and the topic has not yet been decided. The CCAS meal will be held on November 19 and consideration is being given to establishing a book fund in the city.

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