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Scientists feel unloved by the rest of society – Liberation

Scientists feel unloved by the rest of society – Liberation


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A sociological study published on Monday indicates a significant lack of trust among Inserm scientists towards the rest of society. Researchers from many other public institutions are also increasingly concerned that their research is being attacked, censored, ignored or exploited.

Between scientists and the rest of society, tensions worsen. The crisis of confidence has reached such a degree that nine out of ten researchers at the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) reported this, suggesting A study conducted by sociologist at the National Center for Scientific Research Michel Dubois From Agents of Research Organization, published on Monday, March 4. “I expected this result. But what is interesting to note is that in the survey we conducted in 2021 on French and science, eight out of ten respondents said they trust science. The trust deficit is not where it is supposed to be: it is in The side of the researchers is much more than the side of the public.Comments the sociologist.

A lack of trust that feeds into attacks on scientific publications when their findings do not suit certain interest groups, as several recent examples illustrate. The National Institute for Research in Agriculture, Food and the Environment (Inrae) witnessed this on the occasion of Valentine's Day. The Foundation would then like to take advantage of this celebration to promote, on X (formerly Twitter), a thesis on vegan cuisine presented as “Healthy and sustainable”. He was immediately attacked by agricultural unions and politicians. Young farmers