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The type of goalkeeper CH . should target

The type of goalkeeper CH . should target

Yesterday, Kayden Primo showed us, once again, that he is not ready for the NHL and that his confidence is at zero. We know Cerberus is there because of need, not because he deserves it.

Yesterday, without him, CH could have won the match. It’s fine for tidying up, but a guy shouldn’t see his confidence destroyed.

Not going to another goalkeeper is in my opinion the first mistake of the new administration.

Of course, I know why it’s not easy. As I mentioned last month, I know very well that the number of contracts allowed by each organization is 50 and that the CH (which is 48) should make space.

On the other hand, the Canadian must find a solution. Whether by exchanging the contract Against the goalkeeper or against the draft option to make way for the goalkeeper’s contract to arrive, the CH must move. It is very important.

Now the thousand piasse question is who to get.

TVA Sports published an article with the NHL goalkeepers. These are possibilities, of course, but we must not lose sight of the fact that this is not the only way.

why? because of the salary. If some of them win a large amount of money, it may deprive CH of opportunities on the deadline. And as Canadians work for the future, this is not the way to go.

Who are you looking for then?

As Marc-Antoine Godin pointed out, a player along the lines of Christopher Gibson could be a realistic option that wouldn’t cost CH an eyeball either. And since we don’t want a savior, his file isn’t important.

Gibson’s profile is interesting. why? Because the goalkeeper has quite a few games of experience in the NHL (16) and he’s the type who can’t save CH…but can handle a good workload. For him, it will be a bar experience.

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The Charlotte Checkers goalkeeper is, according to Anthony Marcotte, a good guy who can speak French well due to his years with the SaguenĂ©ens. But above all else, the future UFA is far enough into the Florida Panthers’ organizational chart.

A guy like him – not necessarily him – will keep CH in the game, comfort the wounded and send Kayden Primo down, something he’s been in desperate need of for weeks.

And even if the CH team loses the seventh option…it’s not the end of the world.

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