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Martin St. Louis satisfied with his players

Martin St. Louis satisfied with his players

Martin St-Louis played 1,134 games in the NHL. He also appeared in 107 other playoffs. For a visit to the Washington Capitals, Quebec first found himself behind the bench, in the role of head coach.

St. Louis described the feelings he experienced in his early minutes as an NHL coach.

“Those were great times for me,” he said. When I was in the NHL in 2004, there were only two coaches behind the bench. Now, I find that there are goddamn people behind a bench. But I understand why. There is action and it happens really fast.”

Watch Martin St. Louis’ press briefing in the video above.

“I imagine it would be worse with the fans. We have masks, we have trouble talking to each other. I don’t know yet the titles and numbers of players. I wouldn’t have had this day without my three MPs. I think it’s a winning day. They helped me have a special day.” “.

moral victory

In his first steps with CH, St-Louis did not know the feeling of victory.

“I like to win, but I’m a laid-back guy,” replied the 46-year-old.

“I have honest analysis, I also did it when I played. Even when I scored, it didn’t mean I played well. We didn’t win, but we had a good game. If you only focus on the winnings, it can get very cloudy.”

Between two whistles, St. Louis did not hesitate to speak one-on-one with his players.

Cheer up Kayden Primo upon his return to the bench by giving him a pat on his leggings.

He was also seen talking with Cole Caufield.

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“I was happy to see Cole score. He skated and played hockey. He lost some confidence in himself, but he hasn’t forgotten how to play.”

Petri and Clarity

This is no secret. Jeff Petrie is having a terrible season. And he was clearly not a happy defender under Dominique Ducharme.

After the first meeting with St-Louis, Number 26 still sends small arrows against the old regime of Ducharme.

“The first thing Marty said was we should clean our game on our lands,” Petrie said. Everyone has responsibilities, there were fewer changes, we retreated less before attacking again. It was a little more clear. You’re on your guy, he’s your guy, you have to make sure he doesn’t beat you on goal. If he has a disc, keep it outside. More clearly, it helps our game in our territory.

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