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“The Stanley Cup in Vancouver will never happen.”

“The Stanley Cup in Vancouver will never happen.”

Verbal battles, or what we today more commonly call “roasts”, are always very interesting situations to listen to and analyse.

It's always nice to hear two people or teams sending good insults to each other.

It always puts a little smile on my face when something is good and presented well.

Additionally, when these insults or roasts relate to sports, I find it even more interesting, because it enrages the entire fan base.

I especially love this Toronto Maple Leafs roast, because you never get tired of it, and it's so easy to make.

However, I still enjoy them when they participate with other teams.

Last night, it was the Vancouver Canucks who received a good roast, while Logan Paul didn't hesitate to belittle them.

He told the entire crowd in Vancouver that the odds of seeing Quebec wrestler Kevin Owens defeat him in the 2024 Royal Rumble final were as good as seeing the Canucks win the Stanley Cup one day.

“This will never happen.” -Logan Paul

That's very good talk from Logan Paul, especially considering he did it in front of the crowd in Vancouver right after Kevin Owens won the first match on SmackDown last night.

The crowd's reaction was strong, while we could hear several boos even before Logan Paul let out the key phrase of his “roast”, which was that the Stanley Cup in Vancouver would never happen.

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She knew full well what was coming considering the Canucks don't have a Stanley Cup to their name, and haven't come close to winning one since 2011.

This may be the first season since 2011 that the Canucks have been a really good team in the NHL, and let's just say they're a surprise this season.

So, I don't know if Logan Paul is a hockey fan and if he follows that, but he couldn't have picked the best year to say that given the Canucks' comeback.

The fact remains that Vancouver is still a long way from a potential Stanley Cup.

Anyway, let's first see if Kevin Owens can beat Logan Paul in their fight.

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