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Did you miss the northern lights?  You can try your luck again

Did you miss the northern lights? You can try your luck again

If you were one of the unlucky few who missed the northern lights that pierced Montreal's polluted skies Friday night into Saturday, you may have another chance Saturday evening.

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Even if the intensity is lower on Saturday evening, it is possible that certain areas in Quebec will relive this experience.

regions in favor of

Eastern Quebec, the North Shore and the Saguenay will benefit from clear skies that are more conducive to the northern lights, according to Patrick Duplessis, a meteorologist with Météomédia.

Southern Quebec is not completely excluded, although it is at the limit, but low density combined with light pollution from urban centers and clouds can hamper the view.

“At 5-6-7 kilograms, it's reaching southern Quebec, but we're still at the limit,” he added. As a reminder, it was 9pm on a Friday.

Therefore, the bravest meteorologist advises those who still want to leave their homes to move east and look north.

Monitoring will be possible from 9 pm until dawn.

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