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AI generated content will be automatically flagged by TikTok – Image

AI generated content will be automatically flagged by TikTok – Image

Content authenticity has become a major topic on the Internet since the launch of so-called generative AI interfaces, which make it possible to generate text, images and videos based on a simple request in everyday language. The emergence of generative AI threatens to exacerbate the problem of “deepfakes,” images, audio documents, or videos that depict a situation that never occurred in reality. “AI opens up amazing creative opportunities, but it can confuse or mislead users if they are not informed that the content was created by AI,” TikTok said in a statement.

To address this, the Chinese social network will place a specific tag on these creations “when downloaded from certain platforms,” the social network explained, without further details. When AFP asked who these platforms were, TikTok did not respond directly, but noted that Google, OpenAI, Adobe and Microsoft were part of the Alliance for Content Procurement and Authenticity (C2PA), which was founded in 2021. OpenAI, Adobe and Microsoft have already implemented labeling. Automation of AI-generated content Google began rolling out a similar tool in March. After the IA generation, there is no mention of C2PA as an announcement, since April, so I will also mention “Made with AI” (fait with the IA) and the contents are identified as they are beautiful in the Artificial intelligence.

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TikTok said on Thursday that it would join C2PA and another similar organization, the Content Authentication Initiative (CAI), led by Adobe. “Transparency is critical for users,” Adam Presser, TikTok’s chief operating officer, said in a statement sent to AFP. Dana Rao, Adobe's legal director, added in another statement sent to Agence France-Presse: “At a time when digital content can be modified, it is essential that we provide users with ways to distinguish what is correct.” The social network states that, in September, it had already launched the classification of modified content using its artificial intelligence tool, TikTok AI. The group also plans to post educational videos online to explain its approach.

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