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luxurious western |  Montreal Magazine

luxurious western | Montreal Magazine

Twelve years after the release of bright StarJane Campion is back in the movies. With dog powerWith her eagerly awaited new film adapted from the novel of the same title by writer Thomas Savage, the acclaimed New Zealand director signs a masterful western, to be ranked among the best films of the year.

Montana, 1920s Two brothers with diametrically opposed personalities must live to run the family’s farm. On the one hand, there is Elephant (Benedict Cumberbatch), a ruthless and arrogant cowboy who despises women and does not hesitate to be hateful towards the weak. On the other hand, there’s George (Jesse Plemons), a more sensitive and refined man who takes pleasure in seeing the modernity of the twentieth century.NS A century beyond the boundaries of large cities.

So far, the two brothers have had a relatively good relationship, despite their different views of the world. But their relationship will be dangerously complicated the day George Lovell announces he’s marrying Rose (Kirsten Dunst), a widowed restaurateur who is raising her son Peter (Cody Smit McPhee), a shy and androgynous boy. Convinced that Rose only cares about her brother and family’s money, Phil decides to make life difficult for her, but also for her son Peter.

Toxic masculinity

Jane Campion delivers a grandiose, intricate Western with this film that she shot in the majestic settings of her native New Zealand. All in ingenuity, director piano lesson It explores toxic masculinity and masculinity in a beautifully constructed story full of dramatic tension.

The landscape is stunningly beautiful and the music track composed by Johnny Greenwood (Radiohead) brings out the oppressive atmosphere of the feature film. Jane Campion was also pleased with the choice of her actors, who all give top-notch performances. A special mention to Benedict Cumberbatch, stunning in the complexion of a dark and irritating anti-hero.

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and lo dog power It arrives on Netflix in a couple of weeks, and we highly recommend moviegoers to watch it on the big screen, so they can appreciate the work in all its glory.

  • dog power ★★★★1/2

Jean Campion movie

With Benedict Cumberbatch and Jesse Plemons. Kirsten Dunst and Cody Smit McPhee. Shows at Cinéma Moderne from Wednesday and on Netflix from 1He is Dec