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Back to TV: “When I am surrounded by friends, I am at my best,” says Pierre-Luc Funk.

Back to TV: “When I am surrounded by friends, I am at my best,” says Pierre-Luc Funk.

Pierre-Luc Funk prepares to host his friends for a series of absolutely crazy parties.

The actor will host gala evenings on Télé-Québec every Thursday for the next 12 weeks. On the menu are musical performances, discussions between friends and humorous sketches.

“We wanted to recreate that kind of atmosphere when we were in CEGEP or high school and invited people over to our house when our parents were away for the weekend in Florida and we had the house to ourselves,” the host of this new variety show said to be cinematic.

Melanie Maynard, Guillaume Lambert, Luce Dufault, Pierre-Luc Funk and Fabiola Nerva Aladdin on the set of the show “We'll Pick Up Tomorrow”. Mario Beauregard / QMI Agency

Mario Beauregard / QMI Agency

“There will be musical performances in the living room, sketches with guests, and we will play Beer pong By asking questions. He is the talk of the party and everything happens in the house. “It's multiple tones mixed into a variety, under one roof and the same party,” the actor added, explaining that the creative team has given itself the challenge of offering something innovative, which did not exist yet.

Furthermore, production company France Beaudoin (Pamplemousse Média), who had been working on the concept of a variety show held at home, contacted Pier-Luc Funk early in the process of creating and developing the show this year.

“This is the first time I have been so involved in the creative process and leading the show from beginning to end,” he said in an interview with QMI. In addition to contributing his ideas and collaborating on the creation of the various clips, the actor also wrote and edited the graphics.

Pierre-Luc Funk, who can be seen in the series, warned that these fictional plots will have a realistic feel, although some situations will be a bit exaggerated. The revolutionaries On the Elico Club.

“We don't want to go too far into what's silly or unrealistic. It's going to be kind of a tone where we're trying to be honest, even if it's not. A little bit like we were able to do.” Between two papers“, He said.

Friends galore

Pierre-Luc isn't too nervous to take matters into his own hands in this first variety show. The actor surrounded himself with many good friends, such as his former roommate and now chalet neighbor Phil Roy, Antoine Bellon, Catherine Brunet, Nathalie Simard and Bianca Gervais, who can be counted among the first guests of the season.

“The more my friends come over, the better I feel. When I'm surrounded by my friends, that's when I'm at my best.

Pierre-Luc Funk in the framework of his new program

Pierre-Luc Funk and Sarah-Jeanne Labrousse reunite in the new series “Les Révoltés”.

Photo by Carl Jesse courtesy of CLUB ILLICO

“It gives me confidence, to have friends that you love to party with in real life, and it's fun to have them on a show like this,” added the host, who we can also see. LOL: Who will laugh last?

“So far, it's been really fun. The feedback I've gotten is that it's really fun, and you don't feel the pressure of an interview show. It seems like we've forgotten about the cameras a little bit and now we've got four people talking together,” he said.

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the offer We'll pick up tomorrow It will be shown on Thursday, January 11, at 9 p.m., on Télé-Québec.