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The second day of hospitalization for King Charles III

The second day of hospitalization for King Charles III

(London) – King Charles III, who underwent prostate surgery on Friday, spent his second day on Saturday in a clinic in London, where he received a visit from his wife, Camilla.

The 75-year-old king arrived on Friday morning, accompanied by Camilla, to the London clinic, where Kate, the wife of Crown Prince William, is also in the hospital, and she underwent abdominal surgery last week.

Shortly after Charles' surgery, the Queen told people inside the clinic on Friday afternoon that Charles was “doing well,” according to British media. It has not been determined when it will be released.

Photography by James Manning, Associated Press

Queen Camilla

Camilla visited him on Saturday, in the middle of the day, for about three hours.

Last week, the Palace announced its diagnosis of prostatic hyperplasia, in order to encourage screening for this disease that is very common in men of a certain age and generally not serious.

The palace insisted on the routine nature of the procedure, which affects “thousands of men every year”.

Charles III, who succeeded Elizabeth II in September 2022, canceled several public engagements last week to rest. After the operation, he will have to spend a “short period” of recovery, the duration of which has not been determined.

Princess Kate, 42, has been hospitalized since January 16 at a London clinic. The medical condition she suffers from has not been revealed.

The services of the princely couple confirmed that the abdominal surgery was completed “successfully” and asked for their privacy to be respected, demanding that “his personal medical information remain confidential.” The only piece of information the monarchy allowed to leak: it's not cancer.

On January 17, the royal couple's services indicated that she would have to remain in hospital for ten to fourteen days. It is likely that it will not resume its public activities before the end of March.

Prince William has canceled several public engagements while recovering from his surgery.

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