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The Samsung Galaxy S22 FE isn’t completely buried yet

The Samsung Galaxy S22 FE isn’t completely buried yet

The Galaxy S22 FE will still fit, but Samsung will make a number of tweaks.

A few years have passed since then Samsung It used to release Fan Edition (FE) versions of the Galaxy S devices. The first one was the Galaxy S20 FE, which was announced in September 2020. The device sold well and became very popular. The South Korean giant wanted to do it again the following year, but the pandemic and chip shortages pushed back the release of the Galaxy S21 FE. This was supposed to arrive in September 2021, but it didn’t launch until January 2022, just weeks before the Galaxy S22s. So shall we then be entitled to Galaxy S22 FE ?

The Galaxy S22 FE will still fit

This delay on the Galaxy S21 FE had several consequences. First, it was quickly overtaken by the Galaxy S22s. Then the naming of the product led many customers to believe it was a 2021 device, even though it was launched in 2022.

It’s now been almost a year since the arrival of the Galaxy S21 FE. Samsung can fire her successor. But several previous reports have hinted that the South Korean giant has opted to scrap its entire FE lineup instead. Among the reasons given for this decision were the low public response to the Galaxy S21 FE and concerns about chip availability for the S22 FE. However, other, more recent reports indicate that Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy S22 FE.

But Samsung will make a number of adjustments

If the tweet from RGCloudS is correct, there is a good chance Samsung will launch its Galaxy S22 FE in 2023. The latter also reveals that this device will use the new Samsung Exynos 2300 chip, which is very close to Tensor chip of The Google who pays The latest Pixel 7.

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RGCloudS also notes that Samsung may change its schedule for the Galaxy S22 FE in 2023. Instead of launching it in January 2023, it will happen later, possibly during the second Galaxy Unpacked event of 2023. It is also possible that this Galaxy S22 FE replaces the Galaxy A74. Next year. In addition to the Galaxy S22 FE, Samsung could also use this same chip on a new tablet, which will be a lighter version of the Galaxy S22. Galaxy tab S8 is present. It will arrive within 2023.

It will be interesting to see if Samsung sticks with the “Galaxy S22 FE” name. Since the general public associates the term “S22” with the year 2022, it is very likely that Samsung will skip the “S22 FE” nomenclature and opt for the Galaxy S23 FE.