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What is the best voice assistant? [Vidéo]

What is the best voice assistant? [Vidéo]

After a first test in 2017 that put Google Assistant ahead of all its competitors, popular YouTuber MKBHD decided to give other voice assistants a chance. Are Siri, Alexa, and Bixby better than Google in 2023? The answer is here.

After asking many questions about Siri, Bixby, Google Assistant, and Alexa, the YouTuber with 16 million subscribers presents his new ranking of the best voice assistants on our smartphones.

related to the basic questions

Whether it’s asking about today’s weather, starting a stopwatch or simply asking for basic information, we’re using voice assistants more and more. These all work very well in answering simple queries. MKBHD just refers to Siri not being able to run multiple timers at the same time.

By asking the same question to different assistants, Google Assistant and Siri are the fastest to answer. Apple’s voice assistant relies heavily on Wikipedia to give its answers. Google Assistant displays more complete information and does not hesitate to share images to illustrate its answers. With Bixby being “powered” by Google, its responses are very similar. Alexa also does a good job of this basic information exercise.

Google Bixby and Google Assistant to control your smartphone

From changing the brightness to opening a specific app to setting an alarm, all of the tested assistants can do it well. For more complex queries, go for Google Assistant and Bixby.

MKBHD demonstrates this by asking the four assistants to take a selfie. Only those from Google and Samsung turn on the front camera and turn on the timer to take the picture. Siri and Alexa just open the camera app. Same thing when launching a specific series on Netflix where Siri opens the app and Alexa is completely lost. Only Google Assistant and Bixby fully respond to the request.

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The YouTuber explains Alexa’s weaknesses for the simple reason that Amazon doesn’t make a smartphone and therefore doesn’t integrate its assistant as well as its mobile competition.

Google Assistant for conversations

The assistants’ conversational skills are then measured by asking a series of four questions that have a logical sequence, without remembering what the initial topic was about each time. In this little game, Google Assistant is best at retaining context and providing a cogent answer. Siri, Alexa, and Bixby all get some wrong answers, showing their inability to keep the conversation going.

Best voice assistant in 2023

At the time of the balance sheet and in light of its numerous tests, MKBHD has established its rating of the best voice assistants for smartphones:

  1. google assistant
  2. Siri (Apple)
  3. Bixby (Samsung)
  4. Alexa (Amazon)

So Google Assistant is the big winner in this comparison. It is clear that everything will depend on what smartphone you have in your pocket and which assistants are available on it.

Marquis Brownlee also reminds us of the importance of the ecosystem in which you find yourself. If your entire smart home works with connected objects from Amazon, Apple, or Google, you’ll likely benefit most from using the matching brand’s voice assistant on your smartphone.