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The renaissance season started a few days ago

The renaissance season started a few days ago

This week we passed the spring date on the calendar. It is a season that is generally very popular with chefs.


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Green beans are one of the first green vegetables we enjoy cooking fresh in the spring.  (Pierre Genet Drin/AFP)

Spring entered the calendar on March 20. It's a season of renewal, for nature, but also for chefs who are already looking forward to the sunniest months of the year. Green vegetables are making a comeback, and we're forgetting about winter's hearty dishes and enjoying the light in the sky and on our plates. This is what Chef Thierry Marx mainly remembers:

“It is renewal, we see leaves, buds, and above all light. Finally, coming out of the winter tunnel, it is very inspiring for every cook. What a joy to find ourselves with wonderful products and baskets full of plants and fruits!”

Back to the kitchen

Far from rejuvenating nature, the idea of ​​returning to freshness and freshness suggests a lighter cuisine. No more heart-warming and reassuring dishes. Forget starchy foods and slow-cooked meats. We prefer salads and simple dishes. Spring is also a good opportunity to return to the kitchen for those who have lost this habit a little. “We are outside more, breathing, and all the senses start working again,” notes Thierry Marx. The scents and flowers bring us so much poetry to make us want to eat well.”

Little wink: It's also spring for our new chef's restaurant, which continues to star. Just a few months after opening, Honor – where Thierry Marx set up shop with executive chef Ricardo da Silva – received its first Michelin star this week. He also already wears 3 Gault & Millau hats.

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