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The PS5 sells better than the PS4 in Japan, and is less affected by the shortage

The PS5 DualSense is getting better thanks to the developer of The Last of Us 2

Maybe you dive back into TLOU2 on the PS5. If so, you might have noticed Haptic feedback is improved. It is because Software update for DualSense controller Conducted at the end of April.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to express myself to the team that takes care of DualSense at Sony.

It was the purpose of the exchanges I had with them Improve timing, intensity, and texture of touches with controller backward-compatibility mode, In order to improve the sensations you can get with the original DualShock 4.

In fact, this is very insane considering the physical mechanics of being able to insert touches into the two consoles are completely different.

How can haptic feedback work with backward compatible PS4 games? DS4 has two discs of different size while DualSense has two disks that move forward and backward, thus it can be expressed as Frequency and capacitance with very high accuracy and low latency (Much like a loudspeaker).

So DualSense’s firmware must pick up the “old” signals intended to power a motor (which has a much higher latency), and simulate the feel produced directly into the controller, all in a completely different way.

This includes taking into account all timing differences in automatic vibration, built into the DS4 design, as well as simulating the inherent difference and “vibration” feeling of the rotation mechanism.

All of this is done inside the console Without changing the game icon.

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