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Why the price of rental cars is going up

Car rental companies stormed for this summer

For everyone who wants to rent a car this summer, one piece of advice: Hurry up. Indeed, with confinement the stocks melted like snow in the sun. And it does not get better Prices keep rising: Up to + 52% in Corsica. This is due to the high demand and Lack of stock in the rental companies. Therefore, the French turn to alternative solutions such as rent between individuals.

It is a practice Which attracts more and more peopleAs Simon Baldero explains, it’s on top Drop off, Specialized in renting vehicles between individuals. “That’s nearly 50,000 cars available for rent in Europe,” he says. So if you want to go this summer with your family and rent a car, that will depend on your destination.

If it’s for Cantal, Picardy or Auvergne, that’s fine. On the other hand Nice, Brittany, it would be more complicated for Corsica. Demand for this destination soon There will be no more offers According to Pierre Vestoior, developer of Carigami, online comparison.

The results: Prices are going up

If you are lucky enough to find a car, the prices will go up. So for one week city car rental in Figari in Corsica Citroen C3, You will pay around 320 euros This represents an increase of 52% compared to 2019. So the advice is to go with it now, and do not wait until the last minute, especially since the cancellation is sometimes free …

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