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The opposition leader is under investigation for violating the rules against Kovit

The opposition leader is under investigation for violating the rules against Kovit

The announcement comes as Labor seeks to tarnish its good electoral results in the local elections Its results seem like “partygate” approval For Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Friday, May 6, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

The controversial group has been campaigning for the Labor Party’s regional assembly referendum since April 2021. Indoor meetings were banned, but Khair Stormer said he ordered curry and beer for the team, which met that evening at a banquet hall in the northeastern UK of Durham. According to him, this is the only possible solution if the restaurants are closed.

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Police had already finished investigating the meal, which was attended by about thirty people“No offense established”But many details were published in magazines, especially on the tabloid Dailymail, Marked on the right, it has dedicated several “things” to the case in recent days. On Friday, police justified starting the investigation by receipt “Significant new information”.

The worker refuses to break the rules

“Of course, we will answer all questions”A Labor spokesman underlined and repeated it“No rules violated”. The start of the trial, a few weeks after Boris Johnson was fined “in party”, puts Khair Stormer in a subtle position. The Labor leader has repeatedly called for the prime minister to resign in response to a holiday scandal on Downing Street during the locks.

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He was fined for appearing briefly at a surprise birthday party on his 56th birthday on June 19, 2020. According to British media reports, the Prime Minister has attended at least five of the dozen other rallies that London police are still investigating. . In the announcement of the launch of the investigation targeting Boris Johnson, Khair Stormer noted “Sign of Shame” And invited the head of government to offer his resignation.

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