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The New York Rangers are desperate to trade Julien Gauthier

The New York Rangers are desperate to trade Julien Gauthier

In the National Hockey League, it often happens that young players selected in the first round of the draft do not manage to secure a final spot in the Big League.

Those players recruited in the first round were either unlucky in terms of injuries, or simply did not take advantage of their chances to rise to the top.

Others didn’t even have a chance to prove themselves.

One of those formerly drafted players in the first round who has yet to secure a real place in the NHL is Quebecer Julien Gauthier.

Drafted into 21st overall by Carolina Hurricanes in 2016, Gauthier didn’t really have a chance at the major tournaments.

After several good seasons in MLS, he enjoyed only five games with the Hurricanes before moving to the New York Rangers.

With the latter, Gauthier hasn’t really benefited from enough playing time to stand out and make his mark.

Oftentimes it is overlooked.

This year, in the playoffs, Quebec did not play any matches.

Everything seems to point to the fact that Gauthier is no longer really in the Rangers’ plans, long and short term.

Well, last I heard, Athletic reporter covering the New York Rangers, Arthur Staple, claimed in one of his recent articles that two of his sources assured him that GM Chris Drury was trying all means to exchange Julien Gauthier.

(Credit: Instagram/PuckReport)

Having been injured for much of the season, Gauthier has only had seven points (three and four assists) in 49 games this season.

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Although he is still only 24 years old, his value is not really high.

However, the talent is still present in Gauthier. He wasn’t recruited in the first round for nothing.

So it can make good use of a change of scenery.

If Chris Drury is really desperate to trade Gauthier for anything, do you think a team like the Montreal Canadiens could benefit?

be careful! I’m not necessarily talking about exchange here. If Gauthier is no longer truly part of the Rangers’ plans, he likely won’t receive a qualifying offer.

This means that Quebec will become a free agent with no restrictions.

With it in full rebuilding, CH may decide to take the opportunity to sign the 24-year-old.

If Rangers finally decide to make a qualifying bid for Gaultier, it is possible that the latter will be subject to exemptions next season as he most likely will not align.

Once again, the Habs family could decide to claim Gautier.

Remember that the order of exemptions will follow the order of the 2021-2022 season from below. Thus, CH will be the first team able to require players to pass concessions until the start of the 2022-2023 season.

So we can witness Rem Petlike’s stand-up with Julien Gauthier.

In short, it will be interesting to see where Quebecers, who in my opinion still have time to earn their place in the NHL, end up.

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A historic day in the world of hockey.

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