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"Magic Match" by William Dufour

“Magic Match” by William Dufour

Saint Jean, Note Saint-Jean-Cie Dogs striker William Dufour had no intention of laying off Maverick Burke and Xavier Borgolt on Saturday. The New York Islanders scored four goals in the 5-3 win for his side, giving the locals a direct ticket to next Wednesday’s final.

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Sea Dogs finished the preliminary round with a record of two wins and one loss of overtime, for a total of seven points.

“It is the best moment of my career right now. I have one junior match left and we will do everything to get it on Wednesday.”

Things didn’t start well for the home side, which has seen Cataractes score three unanswered goals in the first period, and appears headed for a third win in three games.

But the tide turned and Dufour took matters into his own hands. The big winger scored twice first in 21 seconds at the start of the second, then completed his natural trick before we hit halfway to tie the match and push the crowd together at the TD station to throw their hats on the rink. His three goals were scored in the 6:36 space.

magical period

The Cataractes outperformed completely in the second half, on two consecutive penalties to send a puck disc to the stands. The second, Zachary Massicott, allowed Jeremy Poirier to give Sea Dogs the lead for the first time.

Dufour then scored his fourth goal of the match early in the third half.

“It was a special match for him,” Dufour coach Gardiner McDougall said. He’s a player who plays in all situations and as I said before, you have to use your horses, and he’s a great player. It was a magical second for him. »

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“Magic” is certainly no exaggeration. In fact, he seemed possessed at times in the game, which he completed with a total of 15 shots at the net.

“I want to do my best, I don’t want to have any regrets at the end and that’s what I did tonight,” Dufour added.

Too much space

Kipker became the first QMJHL player to score four goals in a Memorial Cup match since Christian Duby and Martin Maynard with Olympique Hull in 1997. The five-goal record still belongs to Bruce Boudreau in 1975.

At the Cataracts camp, only coach Daniel Reno could raise his hat to No. 28 at Sea Dogs.

“He’s probably one of the best players in the Canadian Hockey League. You can’t give him the time and place we gave him. He had the opportunity to take shots from dangerous places on the ice and he benefited. He’s too good not to.”

blind trust

Renault did not look far elsewhere to explain the complete change of face of his team between the first and second half.

Noting a lack of discipline, among other things, he also admitted that his team may have heralded overconfidence with their three-goal lead after 20 minutes.

“I see a comparison with the President’s Cup Final. The first time we had a chance to finish a game against Charlottetown, we ate 7-0. The only thing I remember is that we came out strong in the next game and went to win it in Charlottetown, at their home. At 3 -0, we might have predicted ourselves in the future and saw each other in the Anniversary Cup Final.”

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In good spirits, Gardiner McDougall gave an entertainment press conference on Saturday. He first answered the first question noting that there were more media people than in the previous game, before… forgetting the question that was asked of him.

Then, his phone started ringing in the middle of the press conference, while he was on a full-fledged public speaking journey.

“Sorry, it’s Winnipeg Jets again,” he joked.

The Sea Dogs will now have three days off before Wednesday’s final as the Cataractes face Hamilton Bulldog in the semifinals on Monday night.

Shawinigan defeated the Bulldogs 3-2 in a preliminary round match