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WATCH: All-out violent brawl in Major League Baseball

WATCH: All-out violent brawl in Major League Baseball

The Seattle Mariners and Los Angeles Angels came to blows Sunday at Angel Stadium.

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The seats were emptied in the second half after Jesse Winker was hit by a kick from the Mariners starting from Gunner Andrew Wantz. Earlier in the match, the latter came within a hairs of sending a ball past the head of soccer player Julio Rodriguez.

On Saturday, during the series’ second duel between the two teams, Angels star Mike Trout sponsored a fastball throw from Eric Swanson.

In the end, three Mariners players and coach Scott Service were sent off Sunday’s game. The balance sheet was even more drastic for the Angels: Four members of the team and their interim pilot, Phil Nevin, saw their game stop prematurely.

However, the crowd favorite was the one who won this hostile duel by a score of 2 to 1, thanks to a two-round push in the seventh inning. Luis Renvigo privately paid David McKinnon to drive the Angels to victory.

The only point for the sailors was the work of Quebec Abraham Toro. He sent a show from Jose Suarez to the stands, his seventh long ball of the season.

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