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Dispositif national de l’opération La science en bas de chez toi

The National Apparatus for the Flag Operation is at the bottom of your house

Seventy young learners from the Banlai region followed each other in the community center in the workshops given by Les Petits Débrouillards.

They have practiced friendly science knowledge activities in the process of science at the bottom of your house.

of biodiversity
but also
Scientific experiments

Over the past week, the National Architecture and its three facilitators have combined theory and practice. They introduced their summer students to the benefits of biodiversity, ecological transformation, but also more complex science experiments such as the famous water-powered rocket, the highlight of the week with more or less amazing vehicles leaving.

If the goal of these five afternoons is based on the fun and enjoyment of crafts, then the education used made it possible to classify the activity in the powerful and useful category of “learning holidays” after two academic years largely disrupted by the Covid-19 epidemic.

It was a success with such a large number of attendees at these sharing moments that the concepts of living together were also discussed. As evidence of this, the members of the social center gladly shared their teachers for one week with other young people attracted by the experience.

Blandine Georjon, secrétaire générale de la préfecture de la Nièvre et sous-préfète de l’arrondissement de Nevers, s’est déplacée vendredi, au Banlay, pour échanger avec les possibles futurs a et si scientififier en scientifiques who is with you.

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