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The NDP wants to be a leader on the climate issue

The NDP wants to be a leader on the climate issue

At the end of the first week of the election campaign, the New Democratic Party (NDP) very quickly wanted to take the lead in responding to the climate emergency, an issue that nonetheless returned to the agenda of many parties, including the Greens. and the Quebecoa block.

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“In the context of the environment and then the climate, we will defend science, we will defend the urgency of action, we will make a transformation in renewable energies,” Alexandre Poliris, deputy leader of the National Democratic Party, declared in an interview on Saturday. With QMI.

Presenting the creation of Climate Bank of Canada to develop renewable energy projects in Quebec and the rest of the country, Mr. Boliris suggested investing the money currently in the Infrastructure Bank of Canada.

If the National Party advocates decarbonization, an idea also proposed by Canada’s Green Party on Friday, Alexandre Poliris said the New Democrats project is “more complete,” because it also qualifies for social justice in this area.

The deputy leader of the National Party also attacked the Trudeau government’s record, particularly on the issue of subsidizing oil companies.

Despite their lofty speeches, when it is time to act, to take courageous stands, [les libéraux] said Poliris, who is concerned about the recent report published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The NDP has also not spared the Quebecoa bloc on the climate issue, asking Yves-François Blanchett to be more transparent on the issue.

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“If the Quebec government makes a decision not in the direction of reducing greenhouse gases or from the point of view of sustainable development, then [M. Blanchet] The National Democratic Party member argued.

On Friday, the bloc’s leader also denounced the current federal strategy in responding to the climate, especially calling for a cap on the import and export of oil.

It should be remembered that the Senate adopted Bill C-12 last June on goals to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, a bill that the bloc and the new Democrats, who considered this measure insufficient, grudgingly accepted.

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