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Tuberculosis outbreaks continue in Pond Inlet and Naugat

Tuberculosis outbreaks continue in Pond Inlet and Naugat

Nunavut health authorities warn of ongoing tuberculosis outbreaks in Pond Inlet and Naugat. They recommend that residents get a screening test if they think they have been in contact with someone suffering from the disease.

Since the outbreak was declared in Pond Inlet, which has a population of about 1,550, 10 people in the community have been diagnosed with active TB disease.

Latent TB, meaning the disease is not yet contagious but still requires treatment, was confirmed in another 98 people.

Naujaat is located in the Kivalliq region of central Nunavut.

Photo: Radio-Canada

In the Nagaat district, in the center of the region, where a tuberculosis outbreak was declared on May 16, 2023, active tuberculosis was diagnosed in 14 community members and latent tuberculosis in 63 people.

Health authorities indicate that tuberculosis can be treated with medicine available in communities, as long as the disease is diagnosed.

Residents are asked to monitor symptoms of the disease, which are particularly manifested by persistent cough, loss of appetite and extreme fatigue as well as fever or night sweats.

Anyone who exhibits these symptoms should immediately go to the health center for examination.refers in a press release to the health authorities in Nunavut.

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