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The heat reaches France, the Mediterranean arc is already suffocating

The heat reaches France, the Mediterranean arc is already suffocating

Meteorologists warned on Thursday that France will suffer a new summer heatstroke in the coming days, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees locally, from the intense heat already present on the edge of the Mediterranean, as is the case in Spain.

This episode of heat, which may peak next Tuesday or Wednesday, may be the most intense of the summer in France and one of the hottest on record during the summer season. The government announced that it would hold a crisis session on Thursday.

Seven provinces are already on orange alert in the heatwave, which will be joined by a dozen more on Friday, in much of the south and east of the country, according to the Météo-France Institute.

As of the weekend, 40 degrees may cross in the south, with peaks at 41 degrees locally, Météo-France forecaster Christelle Robert said during a phone call Thursday.

The heat should then rise towards the north, with 35 degrees expected for example in the Paris region, and should extend towards Germany.

To the south, Mercury is already breaking records. On Tuesday, the temperature reached 49.5 degrees in the Turkish city of Sarıcakaya, unheard of in the country.

In Spain, the 44-degree mark was regularly exceeded last week, especially in Andalusia. Temperatures over 40 degrees are expected in the coming days, especially in the east of the peninsula and in the Balearic Islands.

In Madrid, fans, umbrellas, and regular refreshments at the public fountains are kept in good order, while the terraces with mist spray are filled during the hotter hours.

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