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Poll: Majority in favor of impeaching Trump

Poll: Majority in favor of impeaching Trump

In the wake of Donald Trump being charged by federal justice for attempting to cling to power following his defeat in the 2020 presidential election, 54% of Americans favor his criminal prosecution in Washington versus 42% who do not. Public opinion poll Quinnipiac was released Thursday and filed in part before the former chief was indicted in Fulton County, Georgia.

At least 95% of Democrats support such an experiment versus 5% who disagree, while 57% of Independents support versus 37% who disagree. Among Republicans, 85% disapprove of Trump’s lawsuit compared to 12% who agree.

Nearly half of Americans (49%) say impeaching Trump does not change how they feel about Trump, while 37% say it frustrates him in their eyes and 12% swear it makes them appear more favorable to him.

At least 71% would like the trial to be televised, which is unlikely. “A country divided unites around one desire. No matter the outcome of the trial, Americans say that if Donald Trump were to be tried in federal court in Washington, they would like to see him on television,” said Tim Malloy, an analyst on the Quinnipiac University polling team. .

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