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Sue our governments!  |  Montreal Journal

Sue our governments! | Montreal Journal

Did you see what happened in Montana?

The law prohibited the local administration from considering the climate consequences of greenhouse gas emissions when granting permits to fossil fuel companies.

Sixteen youths between the ages of 5 and 22 have sued the state of Montana saying the law is unconstitutional because it denies them their right to live in a “clean and healthy environment.”

The judge agreed with them.

The right to a rigorous education

It is said that this judge’s decision could have important consequences for future cases.

Already, other similar lawsuits are being prepared across the United States.

Other groups of young people will try to overturn laws they consider too lenient towards polluting industries, arguing that these laws violate their basic rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

An idea like this…

What if young Quebecers were inspired by this fight to protect their right to a quality education?


“You keep lowering the bar, you stop making us read the classics, you refuse to ban cell phones in the classroom, you replace the rigorous teaching methods proven over decades with exuberant methods that abandon any notion of rigor and effort.

“We believe that by acting in this way, you have violated our constitutional rights to a quality education capable of helping us manage in an increasingly complex world.”

We can dream, right?

After all, getting a good education is just as important as growing up in a healthy environment!

“A healthy mind resides in a healthy body,” as the saying goes!

In the witness stand!

No. But, as long as we continue, let’s continue!

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Sue our governments for their tolerance of religions that violate the basic rights of women, children and sexual minorities!

Sue our governments for not listening to our demographics who for decades have been warning us about the dangers of population aging! You knew we would need more doctors and nurses and nurses, and you did nothing!

Let’s sue our governments for spending without reason, on the backs of future generations!

Let’s sue our governments for not taking the necessary steps to better protect France! Transforming Montreal into a place didn’t happen overnight, it’s the result of decades of hands-off!

Let’s sue our governments for allowing all kinds of bogus theories devoid of any scientific basis to circulate in our universities and cultural institutions!

Let’s sue our governments for complacency with the digital giants for so long, endangering the survival of our culture and even our democracy!

etc., etc.

As long as we have a government of judges, let’s go forward!

Let’s take our parliaments to court! Let’s hold them accountable!

Let’s hold our politicians accountable!

After the words “Arms, citizens!” Let us chant, “To the Constitution! To the Bill of Rights!”