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The French game La Fresque to Climate is attacking the United States to save the planet

The French game La Fresque to Climate is attacking the United States to save the planet

To understand the process of climate change, you can fill out the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reports … or play At Climate Fresco.

Launched in France, this successful board game aims to make the ecological science accessible, which is set to capture the United States. Thousands of participants have already participated on American soil. In addition to individuals, companies (Estée Lauder, Credit Agricole, French Founders), alumni networks, the French Embassy, ​​the French Embassy in New York, and many schools and universities (UC Berkeley, Columbia, MIT) make particular use of it. Objectives Team formation. One Website in English It was set up to advertise. After playing, some participants begin to move. They understand it will be hot tomorrow, but the issues are legitimate Alexis Milcent, co-coordinator of Fresco in the United States, based in New York, explains.

Awareness through sports

The initiative was launched in 2015 by Cரும்dric Ringenbach, an author and climate change expert who officially discovered that IPCC reports have been very dense since 1988, and are more concentrated in ordinary humans. The game consists of about forty cards, each corresponding to an environmental event (Melting ice , Temperature rise , Disruption of water circulation 2). Depending on the descriptive text on each card, players (between four and eight) must make joint connections between each event.

Thus building on a large scale Painting Based on the arrows that make it possible to visualize the mechanisms behind the rise of the climate. These causal links are not intended to ease the problem, but should give its full purpose. It allows you to talk, discuss and find solutions. Alexis Milcent, who invented the game in 2020, explains Join the online game provided on the association’s website.

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To dream of you, here is a painting of four good minds from the French morning! We gave it a title and were able to add some pictures of our choice to decorate it.

Each workshop concludes with a discussion Painter A volunteer from the club trained her to lead the game. We are not here to say ‘this is all you can do’. At the end of the game, we discuss how everyone acts on a daily basis for the environment, but we do not provide guidelines or impose solutions. , Emphasizes Aurelian Armanet, one of the founders of Fresco in New York. This engineer in the railway field, following the training of the painter, tried to engage in various green endeavors. He was mesmerized by the collective aspect of the game. Interactivity allows you to see the extent of each person’s climate education by learning new information from others. This is part of the awareness .

One million players in 4 years

The success of Climate Fresco is undeniable. According to the association of the same name founded in 2018 to better spread the game, the number of participants has grown exponentially due to significant media coverage and word of mouth. From January 2018 to January 2022, one million people in fifty countries participated. Now a version of Fresco is available. Children , Adults Where Experts And in many languages. It is free for individuals but free for businesses.

In addition to players, it is looking for artists in the United States to animate face-to-face or virtual games. It already has seventies in the country, mainly French. The association was born in France and spread internationally through the French community. Our challenge is to make more Americans game hosts over the last quarter. Hosting with a French accent is pretty cool, but it makes more sense for Americans to do it. Alexis Milsent explains.

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Another challenge: The duration of the games – three hours – is more than one scare. Every time we did it in the US, we saw the same magic happening in France or Europe. Returns are Ideally, contact the coordinator. Of course, we have to take into account the initial sensitivities of the public, but every time people are on board, the workshop and teaching work .

Photo and credit: La Fresque du Climat / Facebook