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In the United Kingdom, "Gary Antoinette" Johnson in view of the Conservative camp

In the United Kingdom, “Gary Antoinette” Johnson in view of the Conservative camp

Rarely has the wife of a British Prime Minister provoked so much curiosity, criticism, and perhaps so many fantasies. At age 33, Gary Johnson – born Symonds, Wilfred, 2, and Romy’s mother, 2 months -, blonde Manny, with a sharp nose and smiling eyes, an attractive and powerful figure, is now credited by journalists and conservative members of the party. Significant, harmful influence on her husband Boris Johnson, who is twenty-four years older than him.

Author of the pro book, which will be published on March 29, whose Sunday Times The gospel has been spread since the beginning of February, says Lord Michael Ashgraft, former Tory vice president “Gary Johnson’s behavior prevents the Prime Minister from running the UK as effectively as his constituents deserve.”

The 75-year-old businessman Flamethrower is a regular at writing biographies. In 2015, he already released one Call me Dave (Not translated) Caustic on former Prime Minister David Cameron. In First lady (Not translated), relying on anonymous sources, he accused Gary Johnson “I want to control everything” Including appointments to key Downing Street positions.

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These attacks are one and the same “New attempt to discredit Mr.Me Johnson comes in from annoyed former officers. The young woman’s spokeswoman commented. Before adding that the latter works “As an individual and did not play any role in government [du pays]. ⁇ To Gary Johnson’s supporters, Lord Ashcroft’s book is nothing more than a tissue of lies.

Female scandals

Nevertheless, the name of the Prime Minister’s wife has been alarmingly repeated in recent times, especially “Partigate”, which directly threatens her husband’s order. He was the one who organized Boris Johnson’s birthday party on Downing Street in June 2020, when meetings of more than two people were still banned. In November 2020, she and her husband will attend an evening at the official apartment on 11 Downing Street: the hits of the Swedish group ABBA echoed through the windows until the evening. These parties in full custody are now under police investigation.

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This animal rights activist – who worked for a voluntary charity called Oceana and now works for the Aspin Foundation (which captures and reintroduces some endangered species into the wild) – was also involved in the recovery of a kennel in Kabul, Afghanistan. In August 2021. This incredible move caused a scandal: the lives of about a hundred dogs and cats, though not threatened by the Taliban, would have been more privileged than human lives.

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