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Driving license selection is much easier in the United States

Driving license selection is much easier in the United States

Is there a connection between the excessive simplicity of driving license selection and the high number of deaths on American roads?

In France, driving test is famous for its severity and difficulty. Young drivers must first measure themselves against a highway code test, the success rate of which is currently 50.5%. These students must pass a practical driving test. Success rate 58%. These tests are very expensive, with an average budget of € 1,800 per learning driver.

But in the United States, you can see that this test is much simpler Video Below. In addition to examining the highway code with often trivial questions, the process provides practical testing. Directly with the candidate’s personal car. It costs very little, lasts only a quarter of an hour and has no particular difficulty for the selector. This is why the pass rate in the exam is 80%.

Twice as many deaths at home

This lack of training for young American drivers undoubtedly contributes to the worst crash statistics in the United States, and this country is no more aided by its poor quality road network than it is here. Compared to France and related to the number of motorists, there really are Twice the deaths In road accidents compared to France.

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