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The first drag queen show for the son of François Massicot and Bianca Longpre

The first drag queen show for the son of François Massicot and Bianca Longpre

In the Most Emotional News of the Day category, the award goes to Bianca Longbury, aka a regular mom, who shared a touching photo of her son Billy, perfectly made up and ready for his drag queen premiere during Pride Week. .

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In fact, on his Facebook page, the comedian and reality series star Bianca’s family lifeand broadcast on TRUEhe shared the first photo of his son Billy, freshly made up and bright as all at his premiere pullAnd you can easily read all the confidence that shines in his eyes.

What makes this moment even more exciting is the unwavering support that François Massicot gives his son, from the latter’s first appearances expressing a desire to wear dresses and make-up.

In fact, Massicotte and Longpré fully support their son, at the expense of gossip that pollutes the web, proving to the whole county that love is stronger than anything else.

In the caption accompanying the photo of Billy and his father, Bianca states that François Massicot himself bought false eyelashes for his son, along with glitter and hair extensions.

Bianca Longbury/Instagram

This openness deeply touches the audience and warms hearts as Montreal has just begun its Pride Week festivities.

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He encourages!

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