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Big Fires Lotto Quebec: River bonfire

Big Fires Lotto Quebec: River bonfire

For a little over 10 years, a Quebec maritime company has allowed as many people in the capital as in Levis to attend Grands Feux Loto-Québec.

“The organizers of Grands Feux decided to move the event from the Montmorency Falls to the Saint Lawrence River several years ago,” notes Groupe Océan’s director of public and corporate affairs, Philippe Fillion. We are the ones who have to make sure that everything goes well for six years.

To do so, two tugboats cling to each end of a 450 square meter wide barge and transport the imposing metal structure and hundreds of kilograms of fireworks needed for a display in the middle of the river.


Fitted well in the center of the waterway, at an equidistant distance of about 500 meters from the Place des Canotiers and the Quai Paquet, the ship’s pilots commenced a ballet of about three hours.

Image provided by Ocean Group

“During the preparations and the performance, the tugs apply constant tension to the barge to keep it from drifting. It is far from simple, because you have to deal with the tides and the current and the marine traffic. It requires good communication and the ability to perform the right maneuvers at the right time,” Mr. Fillion continues.

multiple risks

Those who maneuver on the waters of the St. Lawrence River must also remain vigilant, because they are the ones who must intervene in the event of a fire on the barge, stresses the Director of Public Affairs of the Groupe Océan.

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“It never happens, because Grands Feux handle the best pyrotechnics in Quebec and there are always two who stay on the water during the show to ensure lighting. They also cannot make too sudden movements to prevent damage to the pyrotechnic material or create a dangerous situation.”

Note: The Grands Feux Loto-Québec evening in Quebec was canceled due to rain on Tuesday and will take place Thursday evening from 8:30pm at the Place des Canotiers and Quai Paquet in Quebec City and Lévis respectively.

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