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The first day of the vaccination passport: a restaurant rejects half of its customers

The first day of the vaccination passport: a restaurant rejects half of its customers

Health Minister Christian Duby expected that the first days of the introduction of the vaccination passport would be “rock and roll”. It seems that his predictions were correct. At Alma’s Goofy, more than half of the customers were turned away at the door on Wednesday morning.

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“Of course, this morning we won’t take any risks. We shouldn’t get people back on the service anyway,” explained Karl Bolduc of Philip-Vincent Foissy microphone on QUB Radio.

There are many who were not happy and there are a few coronation ceremonies. But most of them turn to leadership. We are emptying the dining rooms to fill up the services in the car,” he adds.

Listen to Karl Bolduc and Martin Gueymond interview on mic by Philip Vincent Foissy on QUB Radio:

Rejected clients either were not vaccinated or did not have the documents required to sit. Karl Boldock suspects, however, that the passport pays off those who are late for vaccinations.

People who are not vaccinated now are really like pig heads. Even I have employees are not. The law allows them to work. I asked them why and they couldn’t answer me,” the restaurant owner fired.

Listen to Karl Marchand’s news with Benoit Dutrezac on QUB Radio:

In Montreal, the Saint-Bock bar greeted many customers on Monday night who would rather give up bars than stick to healthy measures.

“It scares me a bit to think of the possibility of a drop, because we are already so low. But it is something we have to think about nonetheless,” laments owner Martin Gemond.

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