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The cost of SAAQclic’s launch failure was $41 million

The cost of SAAQclic’s launch failure was $41 million

The chaos surrounding SAAQclic’s commission cost $41 million in additional hiring, overtime and other measures, according to the company’s CEO.

In an email sent by the authority’s media relations coordinator, this amount was largely attributed to the salaries of employees hired to meet the needs of citizens, a process that resulted in the disbursement of $28 million.

The extra time resulted in expenses of £6 million, while hiring security agents cost £2.9 million.

All told, SAAQ determined it spent $4.4 million on licenses, communications costs and other items.

In an interview with Radio-Canada, Transport Minister Genevieve Guilbault acknowledged that this was an issue Miserable failure. I already mentioned the term “chaos.”she added.

It was complicated, switching to IT; There’s also the fact that we’re closed [les bureaux de la SAAQ] For three weeks, we have reduced the number of people who will attend when we reopen.

The minister confirmed thisPeople need to respond [aux besoins des citoyens].

Ms. Guilbault also recommitted that it would be possible to get service in 30 minutes or less. It is certain that with digital transformation we have not achieved the goals; However, when we take the data for September [dernier]For all of Quebec, we’re at 19 minutes, on average, over time [d’attente]And in [région de Montréal]26 minutes longshe announced, recalling the announcement on Tuesday of the opening of the sixth service center in the capital region, on the Place de Versailles east of Montreal.

It’s much better than it wasThe Minister of Transport said.

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The arrival of the Société de l’assurance auto du Québec (SAAQ)’s new digital portal turned into a fiasco last winter.

The chaos is particularly the result of a workload that was underestimated by the organization and inflated by the postponement of the publication date, a September PwC report revealed.

With information from Jean-Philippe Hugues