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The ButterfliesTrio will captivate the tannery space in Agen

The ButterfliesTrio will captivate the tannery space in Agen

Sunday 1 October, at 5pm, in the Tannerie space, Frédéric Boré and his band ButterfliesTrio for a hypnotic jazz evening.

It is an “invitation to an emotional journey” that the Tannerie space wants to offer through the programming of Frédéric Burry’s “Butterflies Trio” on Sunday, October 1 at 5 p.m. A journey from which “no one emerges indifferent,” warns Mashhad Ajin.

To take you into a “hypnotic” experience, Frédéric Boré accompanies with his tenor saxophone Damien Faraillon on bass as well as Stéphane Assouard on drums. The latter also intervenes in the composition of the pieces with Frédéric Bury.

These three musicians speak, sing with their instruments, pushing the boundaries of nuance, in perfect rhythmic cohesion, through perfect mutual listening, like a “chamber music” trio, and that is all the difference that makes this group so attractive. The perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

A completely new adventure for this saxophonist who has been living in Paris for seven years. After six albums to his name, four of which are signed to the prestigious Fresh Sound Records label, Frédéric is also currently co-leader of the non-piano quartet Lucky Dog (Borey Loustalot-Zelnik-Pasqua), of the organ trio Unitrio (Argentiéri-Borey-Tissot). , from the guitar, sax and piano trio 3 Elements (Felberbaum-Borey-Montana), as well as a very active drummer, playing with such distinguished musicians as: Lionel Lewicki, Jesse Van Roller, Jerry Bergonzi, Phil Grenadier, John Sullivan, Luther Gray, Billy Cobham, Zul Fleischer-Denis Leloup, Charlier-Souris Multiquarium Big Band, feat. Pirelli Lagrin, Pierre Berchu, Michel Legrand, big band…

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Information and reservations on 06 75 88 29 96