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Sophie Vaginay-Récourt defends herself, and the mayor of Pra-Loup pushes her.

Sophie Vaginay-Récourt defends herself, and the mayor of Pra-Loup pushes her.

The mayor of Barcelonet condemns the “accent” and calls on “everyone to regain a little clarity.” Not surprisingly, elected officials in Uvernet-Fours have distanced themselves from the community chief.

In the midst of the storm, he is unwavering. Sophie Vaginay-Ricourt, who was criticized and accused by Eliane Barrel and Renaud Muselier of obstructing the Espace Lumière between Pra Loup and La Vaux d’Allos, defends herself and calls on “everyone to find a little clarity and listen to the elected representatives of the Opai”.

“Ask uncomfortable questions”

While the president of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region on Wednesday demanded the resignation of Sophie Vaginay Ricoeur from the regional council, the mayor of Barcelonette published a long message on her social networks.

“Contrary to what we want people to believe, this is not a caricature or personal position. Today I respect the word of elected officials in the Valley who rightly question the financial opacity of this process and who are currently under tremendous pressure.” Sophie Vaginae Record.

She promised to respect “the democratic will of the community council” while continuing to “ask disturbing questions that will always be in defense of the public interest.” Before he harshly criticized his critics: “As for those who claim to defend the public interest and who only think about their personal and financial interests, there is no point in responding to them. In any case, I will continue to express myself completely freely because, ultimately, they are in a democratic state.”

Since Tuesday, Sophie Vaginay-Ricaurt has been experiencing an unprecedented political storm. In a press release, the president of the Alpes-de-Hautes-Provence provincial council and the president of the region were accused of obstructing the merger project between Pra-Loup and La Vaux-D’Allos. The mayor of Barcelonet stressed, on BFM DICI, that she wants “only financial guarantees” so that the municipalities of Ubay do not have to “pay for the financial difficulties faced by Val d’Allos.”

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It is expected that there will be a community council

If the Valley Sect Chief can count on support, she must also face detractors. Starting with Patrick Bouvet, the mayor of the city of Uvirnet-Fors, on which the Pra-Loup station depends. “Uiverent Force elected officials reiterate their commitment to this economic development infrastructure project for the entire Ubay Valley and their determination to see it succeed for the benefit of all,” the Uvirent Force City Council wrote in a press release published this Thursday morning.

Elected officials “are surprised by the personal position adopted against any logic related to the public interest by the head of the municipal group and do not believe that it is shared by the majority of elected officials.”

They will meet at the Future Community Council, which has been announced for October 12. Uvernet-Fours elected officials hope all community council members will request that the merger project be included on the agenda of the next community council meeting. With only one goal now: to put Sophie Vaginay-Ricaurt in the minority and force her from her position as President.

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