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Le Page de Roussillon.  An “easy-to-read” space pinned to the media library

Le Page de Roussillon. An “easy-to-read” space pinned to the media library

On Thursday, November 16, Isabelle Astruc, librarian, and Mireille Champvillerd, director of the Péage-de-Roussillon Media Library since October 2023, presented the new “easy-to-read” space to the mayor, André Mondang, as well as to some people. To its municipal council. Also in attendance were librarians from the Écume network and Christine Fournier, president of the Rebond Lire Association.

The development of this space is the culmination of the thinking that occurred for Isabelle Astruc when she realized that people did not find in a body of work that offered an answer to their desire to read. The books they found were too long, too complicated, and with too many descriptions and difficult words. Then the librarian thought that the concept of “easy to read” could meet their expectations.

Attract people who have difficulty reading

If the “Easy to Read” space opens the doors of the media library to people who have difficulty reading, it is nevertheless open to everyone. Readers will discover a selection of very diverse works, including novels, short stories, and art and cookery books. The curators of both librarians hope that this new space will bring to the media library those who feel that this cultural place is not for them.

The mayor explained that the cost of creating this space, amounting to 6,000 euros, was financed in equal parts by the state within the framework of city policy and by the community of municipalities of Entre Bièvre et Rhône. He then discussed the project to move the media library to replace Le Rex Cinema, whose new complex will be opened on Saturday, December 16.

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Therefore, work on the new media library, estimated at 3 million euros and partly financed by the state and the ministry, will be able to start at the beginning of September 2024. End of development 800 m2 It will take place on two levels and is scheduled to be held at the end of 2025.

Mireille Chanvilliers and Isabelle Astruc already have some great projects in the works, which they will be keen to implement in this new reading space, but not only that, because it is about bringing in other people. All audiences.

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People who are far from reading or who do not want to read books that seem difficult for them to understand can discover this “easy to read” space. This concept was created in Brittany in 2013 and is supported by the Ministry of Culture, the French Librarians Association, the National Agency for the Fight against Illiteracy and the Interregional Union of Books and Reading. In this space, readers find books selected for their simple editorial form, not simplistic, as Isabelle Astruc points out, with sentences and short stories. Books are presented front-facing to provide an easily accessible visual view, and are identifiable by a small sticker on the cover.