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The brand promises software patches

The brand promises software patches

The press wasn’t entirely convinced by the Apple Studio Display. The Apple brand promises software patches.

Apple Studio Display: Brand promises software fixes

Yes Mac Studio is an undeniable success from Apple The studio presentation was much less convincing Journalism. Among the shortcomings in it, many journalists noted the disappointing quality of the picture that the built-in camera offers.

The screen has the peculiarity of presenting a 12MP FaceTime camera, similar to what’s on the iPhone or iPad. With the integrated Apple A13 Bionic chip, the power is there to deliver the same processing quality found in Apple products.

However, the image quality is not present on the studio monitor.

Software patches

Rarely to note, Apple acknowledged that “The system was not behaving as expectedSo the company promises software patches that will improve camera management.

This is also where the Apple 13 Bionic chip and the in-display system can come into play. It makes it easier for Apple to publish updates that can improve device functionality.

We imagine Apple would have preferred to be up to date rather than patch for their updates.

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