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iPad Air 5: Apple unveils ad glorifying the M1 chip

iPad Air 5: Apple unveils ad glorifying the M1 chip

We are finally there. Apple today released the long-awaited iPad Air 5 with the M1 chip found on many Mac models. On the occasion of this new launch, the Cupertino company has revealed its first ad on its YouTube channel, discover it now!

“The next computer is not a computer”

The first iPad Air with the M1 chip is finally available in France and in many countries around the world. Whoever says availability, says immediate start of Marketing campaign who aims To attract New customers for this great iPad Air 5, Apple has teamed up with its regular partners who take care of the commercials you regularly watch on TV.

Apple highlights everything you can do with the iPad: edit photos and videos, draw with the Apple Pencil, play games…everything is done to prove it’s the tablet you need a large number of activities.

ipad air 5 promotional video

The first promotional video mainly focuses on high school electionstwo students are trying to create the best poster with iPad Air 5, there is one skill since each He wants to impress the other By doing a better job. They send iMessages, AirDrops to each other… With this approach, Apple is showing how great we are in its ecosystem!

In the video, we also see one of Apple’s wishes with the iPad: Replace your computer. The California giant wants to transform you from a laptop into a more user-friendly and functional experience, like an iPad with its great operating system. iPadOS.
Apple uses the formula you’ve already heard in the past: “The next computer is not a computer”.

iPad Air 5 Available from now on At many retailers, stocks can be complicated in the coming weeks, and you have to be patient.

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