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Remedy to open a new studio in Sweden

Remedy to open a new studio in Sweden

Remedy is one of those very private studios, who always manage to maintain a certain level of expectation every time they announce a new game. Their latest IP, Quantum Break and Control, are really good games with nice stories. The player was glued to the console from the first minute. However, and perhaps personally, there is another healing game on top of them: Alan Wake.

If the studio “refuses” to speak explicitly of a sequel, an expansion to a larger and more complete studio appears to be in the works. To that end, Remedy will open a new studio in Stockholm next year, which can house up to 25 employees.

Will Remedy talk about Alan Wake 2 soon?

The idea behind creating this studio is above all to provide a space for workers to meet regularly. Now that COVID Remedy has implemented a hybrid remote and on-site model, it is more time-appropriate. In the words of James Salt, one of the directors of Remedy:

We understand that everyone is different, and has different needs, on different days. Some days it’s best to focus, with headphones on, to work on something great, while on other days, like when teams are working on planning, you might benefit from some face-to-face time. The hybrid model is all about letting people choose the method that works best for them, whatever the day.

A great healing initiative that a lot of other companies should start adopting (and not just in video games).