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The beta is already available with new features for AirDrop, Apple Music, and Dynamics Island

The beta is already available with new features for AirDrop, Apple Music, and Dynamics Island

Apple has released the first beta of iOS 17.1, the next version of iOS 17, the operating system that was released two weeks ago. It is enough to see the arrival of the features announced by the brand a few months ago, including the new AirDrop.

Source: Apple

While iOS 17 was released a few weeks ago when the iPhone 15 was announced, iOS 17.1 is already taking its first steps, at least in beta. Anyone can download it on iOS 17 compatible iPhones to test the new features.

AirDrop now works even if iPhones move away

No need to stick around with your friend to whom you’re sending photos of the evening using AirDrop. From now on, it is possible to make transfers via a cellular connection or Wi-Fi, this avoids having to be side by side. The feature must be activated in the settings by activating the “ Out of reach To avoid running out of packaging, you must go through a setting to allow the use of cellular data in addition to Wi-Fi.

Source: Apple

Another new feature, but this time from NameDrop. As a reminder, this is a function that allows you to share calling cards between iPhones. NameDrop now allows contacts to be exchanged between Apple Watch and iPhone: The connected watch must be running watchOS 10.1 for this to work.

the “Favorite» Finally arrives on Apple Music

Apple’s music streaming app is a little more complete. Users can now play their favorite songs and albums on Apple Music. To do this, you must click on the three dots next to the widget and then on “FavoriteIn the future, Apple Music will allow you to have playlists that collect all the songs featured as such. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be available in this beta.

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Apple Music app on smartphones
Apple Music app on smartphones // Source: Brett Jordan – Unsplash

Another change: Illustrations are available in the app to customize your playlists. Simply click on the three buttons next to one and click “to editThe image takes the name of the playlist and places it over the illustration to choose from.

Dynamic Island tells you if your flash is activated

New Dynamic Island animations appear with this iOS 17.1 beta. Shows whether the flashlight on your iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 15 is on. It’s an icon that appears to the left of the hole.

Dynamic Island Flash Icon // Source: 9to5Mac

What to warn you about if you accidentally activate the flash. All models equipped with Dynamic Island are compatible. By clicking on the icon, you can deactivate the flashlight.

Other new features in iOS 17.1 beta

On top of all that, Apple made some more secret changes to the first beta of iOS 17.1.

The new iOS 17 ringtones are gone

A couple of weeks ago, Apple added a lot of ringtones and alerts to iPhones. Unfortunately, they seem to have disappeared from this new version. This is likely a bug or error. Meanwhile, custom ringtones arrived in mail and letters.

Wallpapers are more adaptive

Careers “extension» Zoom in: Automatically zooms in on the image you created if it does not take up the entire screen. It is enough to edit any image you create to set it as wallpaper.

N64 controller for Switch compatible with iPhone

We can’t play officiallySuper Smash Bros.On the iPhone, but you can at least connect the Nintendo Switch, N64 console. It supplies the famous central joystick, which is the source of many spasms.

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Access your bank accounts from the Wallet app

As for the Wallet app, it’s getting better, too. You can now link your bank accounts to the application. This allows you to view your balance, as well as the transactions that have been completed. It is enough for all your accounts to be in the same place, next to your bank cards entered in the application. However, the feature is only available in the UK.